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Born in Port-au-Prince (Haïti), Merlin Sidney aka Densi is an agronomist who developed a passion for photography while still a student. During that time, he did not have the means to afford photography equipment and pursue his passion. The only choice he had was to wait until he had his own means to become a photographer. So he had to wait until 2020 to buy his equipment thanks to his first job as an agronomist. And finally in 2020, Merlin launched Densi photography.


Today, Densi has become a professional photographer, specializing in fashion, portrait and wedding photography. Through his photos, Densi wants to stand out by telling a story behind each photo, each shot. For him, a successful photo is not only the capture of a moment, but it is the living illustration of a memory that lasts forever and reminds you of the good old days that sometimes pass before you can even blink. Above all, it is the triggering of an emotion in those who will look at this photo.

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